Writing a bio for dating site

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Also in the books, Dan is addicted to coffee and cigarettes but neither is shown to be of extreme interest in the show.Dan makes his first appearance in Pilot, where he plans to help Rufus spread the word about a concert featuring himself and his old band Lincoln Hawk.After seeing Blair out Serena for a nonexistent drug problem, then seeing Serena take the fall to protect her brother Eric van der Woodsen, Dan tells her that if she ever wants to get together and not talk, they can (Poison Ivy).In an attempt to fix things, Dan invites Serena out for a movie but is let down when she cancels at the last minute to support Blair.He is described as being attractive and sensitive, loves to write poetry, and one of his poems, Sluts, was featured in The New Yorker.

He plans for the date he thinks she wants: a fancy dinner complete with a car service.To make up, she invites him to Eleanor Waldorf's fashion photoshoot featuring Blair so she can both support her and hang with Dan.He agrees, but gets there in time to see her fight with Blair over Eleanor choosing to feature her instead.He sits down with Blair, and gives her some advice; citing an example of wanting to tell his mother Alison Humphrey to either come home or stay away, but not being able to.They agree to act somewhat civil to each other and he and Serena make plans for another date (Bad News Blair).

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