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Life is beautiful and you must definitely live it to the fullest that you can, taking on bites and bites of different things in life that would make you happy about it and grabbing every opportunity that presents itself when you are capable of taking it.Enjoy your lives today and go to an adventure of a lifetime, get to see firsthand the breath taking views you would experience when you go to Bali Indonesia.Get to stay at fabulous Bali private villas that you sure could afford without hurting your pockets at all, and plus with the sceneries that you could only dream about seeing can all be seen here and practically a lot more that you’d see and experience yourselves.The ambience is also rated as excellent, so you’d really enjoy staying there overall.If it be unable to sin, this is a gift of grace, not a condition of nature. But in the bad angels themselves there could be no tendency to fleshly sins, but only to such sins as can be committed by a purely spiritual being, and these sins are two only: pride and envy. Lucifer who latter was confused with his follower Satan, leader of the fallen angels, wished to be as God.

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A rational creature (that is, a creature with intellect and will) can sin. The sinning angels (or demons) are guilty of all sins in so far as they lead man to commit every kind of sin. Dia tidak pernah lokek memberi nasihat demi nasihat dan sentiasa memberi kata-kata semangat agar aku tidak mudah berputus asa.

The angels that rebelled and became demons did not lose their nature or their connatural gifts.

They cast away, by their sin, the grace in which they were created.

The fallen angels are engaged in battling against man's salvation and in torturing lost souls in hell.

The fallen angels that beset man on earth, carry with them their own dark and punishing atmosphere, and wherever they are they endure the pains of hell.

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