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The present work, made with Politecnico di Milano, is the design and the development of the Internet Research Center and surrounding territory in North Woolwich, London.

The project is based on the international competition, arranged by Bee Breeders competition organizers.

Remarkably, the most frequent itemset revealed a campaign currently spreading against Chinese and Korean bank customers.

Although motivated by mobile banking trojan tracking, Droydseuss can be used to analyze the communication behavior of any dataset of suspicious samples.

There are many factors which affect the level of popularity of online businesses.Motivated by the high threat level posed by banking trojans and by the lack of publicly available analysis and intelligence tools targeted at mobile banking trojans, we automated the extraction of such artifacts and created a malware tracker that we named Droydseuss.Based on the aforementioned observations, Droydseuss processes malware samples statically and dynamically, searching for allocated relevant strings that contain traces of communication endpoints.The competition brief requirements for the internal spaces organization allowed to create the multifunctional building, which will attract different categories of people - local community, students, visitors, researches and professionals, including international specialists.Whole concept of the building - volumetric composition, organization of the spaces, circulation, aesthetics, choice of the materials - reflects the functionality of the building and it’s connection with Internet.

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    You will also receive notifications when devices are plugged into and removed from the jacks (such as headphones and a microphone). Note - do not confuse this with the legitimate 64-bit Realtek HD Audio Manager which has the same filename and is normally located in %Program Files%\Realtek\Audio\HDA.