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Some people might find it boring, but not for me, I don't need illogical things or some weird plots to make the drama interesting to watch or maybe some cheesy romance. The story was real, I could identify with it completely, I felt like it could be a true story. because I still don't think it ended with all the problems solved like..Dr. Kim manage to bring CEO Jin to his knees.seo woo and that guy love story..joon dae love story .will kang soo and hyun Jin be in a pls This drama soooo touching.. Her father was a bad and mean, and he kind of ruined her childhood.

I can feel the connection between young hye jung and dr. He showed me how to continue our relationships with patience. There were no useless misunderstandings, no over the top screaming parents. many lesson and humanity value show in this drama, and i think that value sometimes got forgoten by healthcare nowadays.. I know she had a bad behavior and everything, but he was the grown up, and he was irresponsible, and he married a woman who was a bitch toward his own daughter. From what I saw (i still haven't finished the drama), she doesn't even like him, and I understand why.

First thing first: Thanks a lot to all the crews here to make this drama soooo awesome! Writer-nim, you are so great to make story like this 2. I laugh and cried a lot and i can relate well for some situations in this drama.

Park shin hye: your acting is so good and u look so mature here, finally u take drama with good plot, good job! It covers so many things, about family relationship, friendship, colleague r/s, etc. This drama was #1 in my Top 5 List for 2016 Korean Dramas!

Joon Do for some reason not because Hong is old but like... But it's an awesome and it would've been cool if the male characters in this drama could've known how to fight so when Hye-Jung needs protection or something happens, they'd know what to do instead of Hye-Jung saving herself and others...

But anyways, looking forward for the end ;) Some people said that the male lead is too old, i don't think so.

should forgive her father and life happily with him in future. When it comes to korean drama, I'm always having a second lead syndrome :)) Does anyone know what's the name of the song used few times as bgm but not included in official ost? the opening and ending narration in every episode always has an impact ... Although you can forgive, but it leaves the scar that is difficult to forget. This drama is also supported by te best, beautiful, deep meaning OST.

even though he has done cruel to her in the past, but he still her father. But I'm quite satisfied since this drama has a happy ending :) Jung Yoon Do songsaengsim... It was played for example in last episode before and during Jin myung-hoon's surgery (around 32-35 minute). Where the background of the family that changed the process in life. hoping RAESHIN couple will do another drama....there chemistry is superb ... It makes me cry sometimes..happy and One of the best dramas ever made.

But still I hate it when I saw her attitude to her father. Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won are a really great couple and so is Lee Sung Kyung and Baek Sung Hyun!! it shows that our life not that magically changed as we have found a partner in our life, lover to be short. hence, to those people, who thinks that this drama is boring and plain just because it doesnt have those flirts, romance stuffs like you always watch, you may leave though. I expected more based on the ratings ,it's just a plain romantic drama and the storyline is so basic seriously who wears high heels and makeup while working in a hospital unrealistic and not professional at all I don't understand whats all the fuss about, am I missing something? Park shin hye really surprised me in this drama I don't believe she can show her fighting skills like that. Apr shinhye ya I have worked hard thank u and all d best Yes, @W @bbh I absolutely agree with your statement. I still didn't get it why Koreans like that so much. Majority here are saying they do not like Kim Rae Won for Park Shin Hye, they didn't match, guy is a bit older for girl, etc etc. In that aspect I did really appreciated Emergency Couple and Song ji-hyo`s rough realistic appearance(and she was still absolutely captivating) I like this i dissapointed with the writer. It is really sad and frustrating to see those pimped up models that just had a doctor`s white coats put on them. Our Hye Jung (PSH) has a movie that will be shown also "Hyung" and She will be shooting another movie... Hye Jung reminds me of Meredith Grey Ji Hong reminds me of Derek Shepherd the story line reminds me of Grey's Anatomy but it's Korean drama which will pop the drama more even if it doesn't make sense hahah I can't remember most of the OST which means it is not spectacular, but OK. Very good Drama, the plot and the Chemistry of Rae-Won and Shin-Hye make it complete, and I think make the sequel or Special Episode where Hong Ji-Hong and Yoo Hye-Jung get married, will be very good to see.. THIS IS THE BEST DRAMA especially..that's why Hong Ji Hong and Yoo Hye jung are called a WISDOM COUPLE..... To make them look nice and pretty to brighten up the patients. Also wonderful chemistry between Ji Hong and Hye Jung - not the usual soppy romance but a playful, flirtatious and supportive love story. Chemestry between prof Hong and Hye-jung was excellent. About Hye jung hasn't been fully able to forgive her father, because her sad story of the past. Maybe in Season 2 (I HOPE) he could forgive her father. At first she wanted to show JH that she was tough, strong, and confident to fight JMH for her grandma's justice. Considering my short attention span, it's a miracle that I've lasted through this drama without skipping it (which I haven't been able to do in a long time). Lady Doctors and Nurses in the hospitals wears light make up. This is one of the reasons why 'Doctors' stands out from other dramas because the emotions are so true to life. And finally she can requite it when Seo woo kneeling to apologize. They fell in love 13 years ago and still in love until afterwards. Yoo as a Fellow, they are very professional at work. I want one of my childrens be a neurosurgeon like Dr. I love all episodes..the best one is Episode 18, when JH sacrificed his career for HJ to protect her. And when HJ found out about it.realised that what she has been doing to stuff herself up with vengeance .not do any good for her and for her loved one JH, and the worst thing was ..even made JH suffered.hong, how they r/s unfold trough everything that happens in their life. I hope there will be more kdrama that touched heart like this. I think all of the story lines were clearly and perfectly concluded. how we try to take posibility in imposible case, how we empathised to patient, how we finally understand each other and so many other lesson i got in this drama.. i really love to see them each other becoming great team in love and work.. Fathers like him are a huge disappointment and should not have kids. They have their own script in mind that they want their ideas to be fulfilled in this drama.It's so rare that a k-drama can make an impact to me and make me think about life. Once again, thank you so much for this beautiful drama. Of course the actors were flawless, so big cud-dos to them. I'm really proud that at least we get to see hye jung and Mr. Pleeeaaassse you are not the writer nor the director.

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