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The radiated field strength of plasma monopole is greater than that of metal antenna with the same electrical conductivity and dimensions. The results of the interannual evolution of rainfall indices show that 67% of retained stations are characterized by the alternating of wet period (1974-1982) and dry (1983-2007). Regular training of classifier should be done, database of spam should be updated all the time, and also a particular word should not be always behaved as spam word or a genuine word. R.; , “Naïve Bayes text classification with positive features selected by statistical method,”, 2009. First International Conference on Advanced Computing, vol., no., pp.28-33, 13-15 Dec. S.; Nerellapalli, P.; “Adaptive spam filtering using dynamic feature space,” , 2005. 17th IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence, vol., no., pp.8 pp.-309, 16-16 Nov. Zhao, “High-Quality Image Restoration from Partial Random Samples in Spatial Domain”, Proc. Abstract: Artificial Neural Network has proved to be one of the best and widely used soft computation techniques in diversified fields such as Biology, Medicine, Energy, Bioinformatics etc. Moreover, the homogeneity statistical tests indicate a break in stationarity of the rainfall series in Charef, Benhafaf and Aïn Maabed stations. Experimental results show that proposed enhancements improves accuracy of spam filtering. 2005Pelletier, L.; Almhana, J.; Choulakian, V.;, “Adaptive filtering of spam,” , 2004. Second Annual Conference on Communication Networks and Services Research, vol., no., pp. 2003Tarek M Mahmoud, alaa Ismail EI Nashar, Tarek Abd – EI – Hafeez ans Marwa Khairy “En Efficient Three Phase Email spam Filtering Technique” British Journal of Managnent & Computer Science 4(9), 1184-1201, 2014Abstract: Compressive Sensing (CS) – a novel sensing paradigm asserts that signals can be reconstructed from fewer samples than that recommended by Nyquist sampling theorem, when it can be expressed in a sparse basis. of IEEE Visual Communications and Image Processing, pp. The characterization of the gain, and amplifier noise is again modelled with the help of ANN by appropriately using the experimental data for both modelling and testing. The GSR driven optimization problem is solved using split-bregman iteration. The simulated output from the model agrees well with the experimental data and this approach can be extended to serve as a prediction tool for designing the complex systems in optical communication. Experimental results obtained on images for CS recovery reveals the performance achieved by GSR over many current state-of-the-art schemes. Copyright 2014 ACM 978-1-4503-2351-2/14/02Abstract: The radiation of cylindrical plasma monopole at low gas pressure is theoretically investigated by applying the theory for dielectric resonator antenna (DRA). Vaidyan, “optimized flattened gain spectrum in c –band wdm using automatic gain control in bi-directionally pumped EDFA”, INTERNATIONAL Journal of Engineering Research & Technology, Vol-4, No-10, Pages: 430 – 434, October 2015A. The mean annual rainfall and potential evapotranspiration are 2 mm, respectively, exceeding rainfall for most of the year [4]. Hence, it is an important research field in detecting spams. The plasma column is placed in a thin dielectric tube with a longitudinal length equal to half wavelength of the surface wave which sustains the discharge. The objective of this work is the identification and the consequences of climate variability, based on statistical analysis evolution of the annual rainfall series, over a period of 34 years (1973/1974 -2006/2007 ), a set of stations (09) covering the study area. Deramchi, “Synthèse des études et exploitation des données existantes sur le Synclinal de Djelfa”, Agence Nationale des Ressources Hydrauliques (ANRH), Rapport Technique, 40P, 1993. In this dissertation, technique for spam detection and filtering has been proposed based on Naïve Bayes classification technique, which is the existing spam filtering technique.

In this paper we present applications of big data , analysis of big data. Therefore to overcome such limitations and research challenges of image segmentation, in this paper we proposed the new image segmentation energy function with two distribution descriptors in order to distinguish automatically background and target region from input image. Then, estimated kernel is regularized by adjusting the spacing and curvature of the control points. Using this technique the correlation between different words and their utilization in different semantics sentences are analyzed and based on the effects of these words a rule based classification technique is developed. Kan Cheng, Lixu Gu, and Jianrong Xu, A Novel Shape Prior Based Level Set Method for Liver Segmentation From MR Images, Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Information Technology and Application in Biomedicine, in conjunction with The 2nd International Symposium & Summer School on Biomedical and Health Engineering Shenzhen, China, May 30-31, 2008. The Zahrez basin (Fig.1) is one of the endorheic basins of the vast steppes region in the central northern part of Algeria. This field is important aspect of text classification. Xia Hu, Lei Tang, Jiliang Tang, Huan Liu, “Exploiting Social Relations for Sentiment Analysisin Microblogging”, permission and/or a fee. Copyright 2013 ACM 978-1-4503-1869-3/13/02Eric Baucom, Azade Sanjari, Xiaozhong Liu, Miao Chen, “Mirroring the Real World in Social Media: Twitter, Geolocation, and Sentiment Analysis”, Copyright 2013ACM,78-1-4503-2415-1/13/10 Min Wang, Donglin Cao, Lingxiao Li, Shaozi Li, Rongrong Ji, “Microblog Sentiment Analysis Based on Cross-media Bag-of-words Model”, ICIMCS’14, July 10–12, 2014, Xiamen, Fujian, China. Pan Lin, Chong-Xun Zheng, Yong Yang, Model-Based Medical Image Segmentation: A Level Set Approach, Proceedings of the 5th World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation. The Zahrez hydrological basin covers approximately 8,989 km2. Spam filtering technique is used with email servers, and population of spam is usually more than genuine emails, this is why spam filtering has become important technique. The resonance wavelength of the TM011 mode at frequency 2.45 GHz is obtained by dielectric waveguide model (DWM) in which dielectric is replaced by plasma medium. Salgado, “Tunable L-band erbium-doped fiber ring laser by means of induced cavity loss using a fiber taper”, Applied Physics B, Vol.77, 139, 2003. This analysis consists of the study of the interannual evolution of Nicholson rainfall indices, and the implementation of statistical tests of homogeneity of the time series. Some enhancements are made in making it adaptive to new kind of spams. The expression for electric field in far-field zone of this plasma monopole is derived and the result shows that its radiation pattern is similar to that of metal dipole antenna. These tests are Pettitt test, the Buishand test, the Hubert segmentation procedure and Bois control ellipse. Gendouz, “Etude comparative des différentes méthodes d’estimation de l’évapotranspiration en zone semi-aride (cas de la région de Djelfa) ”, Revue Nature & Technologie, no.07, Juin, pp.109-116, 2012. In existing spam filtering techniques, static filtering technique has been used, but we proposed dynamic and enhanced filtering technique, which helps in fast and accurate spam detection.

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