Gemini dating a scorpio

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You will be waking up with a different man each day (not literally! Just stay a little distant from him; too much closeness makes him nervous.

Gemini men have a personal side, which they will never share with anyone, not even with their lover. Just be as curious and as interested in life, and its different aspects, as he is.

He will trust you as much as he expects you to trust him. He will stop for you, hold your hand and build up your strength to run with him again!

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More often than not, he becomes the life of a party.

Two days after that, he may turn into your worst critic.

Then, suddenly he will be the same guy he was on the first day.

If you are one of those who need a constant reassurance in love, then don't even think of getting close to a Gemini man.

He will always be there for you, but it will not be the same as being always there with you.

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