Dating and graduate degree

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It was time to adjust my nonnegotiable husband list.Greg allayed my fear of a relationship with someone with less college education.The area also provided more professional opportunities in public relations, which I studied at the University of Florida.In the years after my divorce, I took a passive approach to dating.

I found comfort in the nervousness that caused his slip-up — it mirrored my own.

Conversations in other relationships did not focus on building and growing as a couple, but on whom we knew and where we worked, with an unspoken rule that certain topics were off-limits.

A misconception I had in dating a man with less formal education was that he would be less financially stable. In addition to working in security, he also owns a small business in Maryland.

The men I previously dated tended to have graduate degrees and hold prominent positions, one with a senior-level position at the Department of Defense, one a Harvard-graduate psychiatrist and another a Harvard-graduate education administrator.

Greg holds an associate degree, and I hold a master's.

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