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People can find the companionship, the affection, and even the love they need.

Couples can experiment, plan, and enjoy encounters together with the help of a competent, caring courtesan who values their relationship, and isn’t searching for a cure for her own.

I look forward to feedback on this blog, as well as the addition of any tips you may have and would like to share. For example… It would stand to reason that the similar dating, “arrangement” and sugar-whatever sites are, in reality, big tech-enable, profit-driven circle jerks, just as Ashley Madison appears to have been.

—————————————————————— I like to invest in companies that perform well and ideas in which I believe.

The sucker bet is that the other person wants exactly and only what you want to give, for exactly as long as you care to give it, and that both of your needs and desires will occur organically and in tandem.

When you examine the immense amount of research regarding why women cheat and why men cheat, the reasons are quite different.

I invest in places where I love to shop, like Whole Foods Market (WFM), and in products that I couldn’t live without, like Apple (AAPL).

Although it’s not always possible to be a purist about such matters, particularly where mutual funds are concerned, I try to avoid investing in companies whose products or practices I disagree with.

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There is no shortage of variety in ages, body types, ladies who are wonderful companions in public, or those who are extra wild in private. Clients can explore fetishes, new adventures, kink, or anything else they can dream up as long as both parties agree and are respectful.

I’ve read several opinions on how many “types” of affairs there are, but regardless of whether the parties think they are soul mates, acting out a mid-life thing, entitled to something exciting, feel pure lust, or are using the affair to firebomb their marriage, even the most prudent affairs are dependent upon a gamble.

The gamble is that one partner wants to fulfill the other’s specific needs and not ask for much in return.

When using a site like Ashley Madison, there simply are no reliable risk measures and volatility is defined by shattered hearts, sharp objects hurled at one’s head, and broken families.

Ashley Madison’s appeal is based upon three lies: The first is the perception that you finally get to realize your dream of being “a kid in a candy store”.

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