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Example A: "The song "The Blade" [also the title of her soon-to-be-released new album] is about heartbreak in a way that I never heard before," she tells us.

"I decided to name the album that because every song cuts—they all have edges." Example B: "It really just speaks to where I am right now—a 28-year-old woman—and every song on that album is definitely autobiographical in my life."So, here's a shocker: Ashley is actually happily married and loving life as one of country music's most successful singer-songwriters. On August 2, you're performing at the Monroe County Fair in Monroe, Mich.

Dalton William Danks is the couple’s first child together.

What did you learn about yourself and the music industry based on that time?Her Pistol Annies bandmate and longtime friend Miranda Lambert recently revealed that the group is planning on dropping new music next year.Acclaimed country lyricist, vocalist, and singer-songwriter Ashley Monroe has captured elusive moments of happiness and bliss in song recently.The eye-liner definitely took me more time to master though. I'll make up in the morning and my lashes are fluttering, so at least I have a head start! Which character's story line would you most want to be a part of and why?It's so hard for me to match one side to the other. "It's hard to keep up with the show since I'm never at home, but I've been lucky to have songs on there, which is awesome.

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