Anthony webster sex offender

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Webster asked Stanek’s office for e-mails about use of biometrics, including facial recognition, but was told that the request was too onerous and that e-mails couldn’t be searched by keyword. In a subsequent request on another topic, he was told to provide a keyword to narrow the search and uncovered an e-mail in which a sheriff’s employee expressed delight in scrambling acronyms to thwart keyword searches.

Webster is planning to push harder, hoping to turn his hobby into a vocation.

Last year, the two went on a 15,000-mile multicoastal road trip.

He juggles dozens of information requests he has out across the state and has a challenge to Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek’s office before the state Supreme Court.

of the Crawford County Sheriff's Department is releasing the following information pursuant to Section 13 of Act 989 of 1997.

-is an offender who is considered to pose a moderate risk to the community, warranting limited notice for the protection of the community.

As Webster’s internship ended, he still didn’t have answers from city regulators.

He persisted — eventually getting access to records that revealed little oversight of private parking lots, where some enforcement agents kept guns and handcuffs. Webster, now 30, earns a living as a freelance software engineer whose passion is seeking — and usually winning — access to government information.

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