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I'm not sure if it's completely because of stress and panic, though..maybe people just grow apart more often than we thought.But adding to those feelings, stress and anxiety, could probably make the whole situation far worse. my grlfriend has occasional anxiety attacks and depression..Not all agoraphobics are so terrified of being in the outside world that they have to remain inside their dens. I was agoraphobic for 30 years before I finally pieced together a plan involving Buddhist practices that helped me escape. What many people may be assuming about agoraphobia — that victims of this anxiety disorder confine themselves to their homes — isn’t necessarily so. What people with “panic disorder” and agoraphobia fear is having a panic attack. Fortunately, I’ve developed a way for those imprisoned by agoraphobia to escape and will help you get started.Agoraphobes may be walking near you down the sidewalk or in the park or driving on your streets … But first, I want to share the journey that helped me arrive at my cure.Begin a journal with the before and after of yourself.Write a page describing where you are and a page describing where you want to be.

I know that I get upset easy and I cared less and less when I'd see him.Normal people have their good times and bad; the same is true for folks cursed with chronic panic attacks. My symptoms during my panic spell at age 16 virtually disappeared overnight when I met “Dale,” a cute, hysterically funny classmate who made it clear she was mad about nerdy me.The endorphin storm freed me from anxiety until that terrifying day six years later when I opened my draft letter at age 22. I instantly shot into a cycle of panic attacks, and started graduate school to avoid what would have been gets HECTIC but it can work out just like any healthy ppl's takes more work, much more patience, much more belief (you can really feel like your bond and feelings for someone is gone with these disorders) but it passes.. i had severe social anxiety(my psychiatrist says it's from performing piano when i was a kid).

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