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Please stop raising it.” And if he still continues, know that at that point he’s being an outright asshole.

It’s possible that the remarks up until this point have just stemmed from his cluelessness, but if he continues on after you’ve directly and explicitly told him to stop, then this is about his own hang-ups and his own social maladjustment.

That’s reasonable and — as long as you’re calm throughout all of this — any reasonably functional office is going to support your right to tell him to back off.

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You’re not starting with “what’s your weird fixation on this” — you’re starting with “I don’t want to discuss it” and escalating in seriousness from there.

He nags me about it on a regular basis, and when I brush him off “but the bus/train is so convenient!

” he’ll actually argue with me, saying that no, public transportation is unreliable, etc. I’ve actually heard him whisper to other coworkers about it, how he’d never let his kids go so long without learning how to drive.

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